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Ground Rents For Sale
Block of 2 flats sold on 99 year leases from 1999 Total ground rent income of £300 Per annum Ground rents doubles every 33 years Landlord manages and insures and recovers from lessees. Section 5 notices have not been served.

Evesham, WR11 4JU

More Ground Rents
Block of 4 flats all sold on 125 year leases from 2014 paying a combined rent of £1350 pa doubling every 25 years. Landlord manages and insures and recovers from lessees

London SW9 9JB

£3,000 - £4,000

26 & 28 Tynemouth Road, CR4 2BN

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If you have ground rents for sale the main advantage in selling ground rents to us is that we cut down the hassle. We have inhouse solicitors which means that we can carry out much of the legal spadework ourselves. And, of course, you save on your legal fees, which could otherwise swallow up pa of your sales proceeds – a large pa in the case of smaller value pofolios

  • Reliable cash funded purchaser
  • Your sale price is not reduced by the £1000’s the agents receive
  • Swift completion with no lengthy enquiries
  • Vendors legal fees paid.
  • Notice period 2 months rather than 6 months at auction


Rosenew Group is one of the largest and most active buyers of ground rents and sitting tenants in the UK. We are interested in purchasing all residential ground rents from one unit to large developments in excess of two hundred units. We are extremely interested in purchasing reversionary ground rents with unexpired leases of under 80 years and take a long term view on capital growth. We are investors not agents for other people, so when you call us you are speaking directly to the principals. We have a large fund to invest and we will value your ground rents free of charge and without obligation, together with advice, support, and flexible solutions for the disposal of your ground rents. We buy stock from leading national and regional developers, property portfolio owners and individual investors. We establish a long term working relationships with our business partners who consider us the only buyer of their ground rent investments. If you are considering selling your ground rents you must give your tenants first right of refusal by serving an appropriate notice on them. We can assist you with this process which will save you both time and money. If you would like to increase the market value of your ground rents, improve your lease structure and give material benefit to your leaseholders then call us today.

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